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Details Advanced-Theory-of-Signal-Detection-Weak-Signal-Detection-in-Generalized-Observations-Signals-and-Communication-Technology

Advanced Theory of Signal Detection Taking as its primary concern various problems with signal detection theory, this text presents a generalized observation model for signal detection problems. It includes common special cases and also describes ...

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Details Busch-Jaeger-15201UK-Signal-Abstelltaster-Einsatz

BJ 1520/1 UK Signal-/Abstelltaster EinsatzBusch-Infoliner, Busch-Infoliner Reflex SI, Signal-/Abstelltaster-Einsatz, , Signal-/Abstelltaster-Einsatz Zum Auslösen oder Abstellen von Signal- /Alarmmeldungen unterschiedlichster Art. Mit Signal ...

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Details Oppenheim-Discret-Signal-Processc3-With-Access-Code-Time-Signal-Processing-Prentice-Hall-Signal-Processing-Series

For senior/graduate-level courses in Discrete-Time Signal Processing. THE definitive, authoritative text on DSP -- ideal for those with an introductory-level knowledge of signals and systems. Written by prominent, DSP pioneers, it provides thorough ...

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Details Synthesis-of-Power-Distribution-to-Manage-Signal-Integrity-in-Mixed-Signal-ICs

Synthesis of Power Distribution to Manage Signal Integrity in Mixed-signal ICs Describes algorithms for analog power distribution synthesis and demonstrates their effectiveness. This book addresses power distribution synthesis for mixed-signal ...

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Details Electronic-Noise-and-Interfering-Signals-Principles-and-Applications-Signals-and-Communication-Technology

Electronic Noise and Interfering Signals Electronic Noise and Interfering Signals is a comprehensive reference book on noise and interference in electronic circuits, with particular focus on low-noise design. The first part of the book deals with ...

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Details Digital-Alias-free-Signal-Processing-At-RF-and-Microwave-Frequencies

Digital Alias-Free Signal Processing Digital Alias-free Signal Processing provides a comprehensive coverage of the theory and techniques behind digital alias-free signal processing, which uses randomized signal processing techniques to avoid ...

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Details Analog-and-Digital-Signal-Analysis-From-Basics-to-Applications-Modern-Acoustics-and-Signal-Processing

This book provides comprehensive, graduate-level treatment of analog and digital signal analysis suitable for course use and self-guided learning. This expert text guides the reader from the basics of signal theory through a range of application tools ...

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Details 2BA9S-rot-Light-Unfall-Signal-LED-Anzeige-Pilot-Lampe-24V-5A

Kontrollleuchten sind in der Telekommunikations- und elektrische Schaltung zur Anzeige Signal-, Unfall-Signal-, Fehler-Signal und andere Anzeige Signalen,Adopts LED-Lampe mit den Zeichen des langen Lebens und niedrigen Energieverbrauch, ist seine ...

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Details Signal-Processing-for-Neuroscientists-An-Introduction-to-the-Analysis-of-Physiological-Signals

Signal Processing for Neuroscientists introduces analysis techniques primarily aimed at neuroscientists and biomedical engineering students with a reasonable but modest background in mathematics, physics, and computer programming. The focus of this ...

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Details Joint-Source-channel-Coding-Of-Discrete-time-Signals-With-Continuous-Amplitudes-Communications-and-Signal-Processing-Band-1

Joint Source-Channel Coding of Discrete-Time Signals with Continuous Amplitudes Provides a discussion of joint source-channel encoding and decoding for source signals with continuous amplitudes. This book contains chapters which deal with practically ...

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Details Signal-8540611-Zahnbrste-4-Saisons-weich-3Stck

Signal, 3 x 4 Bürste Zahnbürste 4 Maßnahmen weiche Signal, 3 x 4 Bürste Zahnbürste 4 Actions souple

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Details Oehlbach-AudioXT-hochwertiger-HDMI-Audio-Extraktor-extrahiert-ein-Audio-Signal-aus-einem-HDMI-Signal-UltraHD-fhig

Mit dem Oehlbach Audio XT kann die Audio-Tonspur verlustfrei aus einem kompletten HDMI-Signal ausgekoppelt und, getrennt vom Videosignal, an ein anderes Gerät weitergeleitet werden. Die Ausgabe des Audiosignals erfolgt auf digitalem Wege über den ...

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Details Development-of-a-low-power-signal-acquisition-device-for-signals-lower-than-25-Hz

Diploma Thesis from the year 2012 in the subject Electrotechnology, grade: 2.0 bzw."B", The Slovak Technical University (Faculty of electrical engineering and information technology), language: English, abstract: Design a signal detection device for ...

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Details Algebraic-Methods-for-Signal-Processing-and-Communications-Coding-Signal-Processing-and-Digital-Filtering

Algorithms for computation are a central part of both digital signal pro­ cessing and decoders for error-control codes and the central algorithms of the two subjects share many similarities. Each subject makes extensive use of the discrete Fourier ...

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Details Bluelover-Keramik-Wifi-Signal-Tasse-Farbwechsel-Cup-Temperaturregelung-Ceramic-Cup

Beschreibung: Keramische WiFi Signal Becher Farbwechsel Temperatur Kontrolle Keramik Tasse Magische WiFi Signal Farbwechsel Tasse ist erstaunlich, wenn heißes Wasser gießen, WiFi-Signal ändert sich um blau und werden Wenn die Tasse langsam ...

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Details Mrklin-72760-Profi-Signal-Schaltpult

Märklin Profi-Signal-Schaltpult für die Formsignale 70361, 70381, 70391, 70392, 70411, 70412, 70421 und für die Lichtsignale der 764xx Serie. Zum Umschalten von bis zu 4 Signalen . Mehrpoliges Kabel mit Steckern, zur Verbindung mehrerer Pulte, liegt bei.

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Details Multimodal-Signal-Processing-Human-Interactions-in-Meetings

Multimodal Signal Processing A synthesis of recent advances in multimodal signal processing applications for human interaction analysis and meeting support technology.

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Details Architectures-for-Digital-Signal-Processing-Wiley-Diagnostic-and-Therapeutic-Radiology

Architectures for Digital Signal Processing Digital signal processing (DSP) covers a wide range of applications such as signal acquisition, analysis, transmission, storage, and synthesis. Special attention is needed for the VLSI (very large scale ...

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Details Mrklin-72751-Signal-Schaltpult-fr-74391-74380-74371

Zum Schalten von bis zu 4 Signalen - kaskadierbar Mit diesem Schaltpult lassen sich die Signale MAE74391, MAE74380 und MAE74371 schalten. Hierzu besitzt das Schaltpult 4 Rast-Schalter mit gummierter Oberfläche und in jedem Schalter eine eingebaute ...

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Details Hikari-No-Signal

Kis-My-Ft2 - Hikari No Signal (CD+DV) [Japan LTD CD] AVCD-48950

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Details Viessmann-4551-Stellantrieb-fr-Signale

Viessmann 4551 - Stellantrieb für Signale

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Details Signals-From-The-Cool

Polytheistic Ensemble - Signals From The Cool - Cd

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Details This-Flag-Signals-Goodbye

CD: Swearing At Motorists,This Flag Signals Goodbye

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Details DSignals

CD: Gary D.,D-Signals

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Details cofan-vv01ad210148-signal-Video-berwachung

Signal nach dem organischen Gesetz 15/1999 Datenschutz, Maße [mm]:210X148 Material:AD

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Details Foundations-of-Signal-Processing

Gebundenes BuchThis comprehensive and engaging textbook introduces the basic principles and techniques of signal processing, from the fundamental ideas of signals and systems theory to real-world applications. Students are introduced to the powerful ...